Who We Are?

Arman Roshan Arg (ARA) Investment Management Company is a Private Equity firm, headquartered in Tehran and established in Sep 2011. ARA was founded by a group of highly respected and reputable industrialists and investment management professionals in Iran.
As an investment management company, ARA is primarily focused on investment in development of new projects, particularly those with an export market orientation.
Under the leadership of Board of Directors and CEO since its establishment, ARA has established 9 projects and subsidiaries and invested in various fields including export promotion and facilitation, venture capital and startups, financial markets and mining industries.

What We Do?

– We invest our shareholder’s assets in various projects to maximize their return in Iranian markets
– We form strategic and tactical partnerships or establish joint ventures and subsidiary companies to develop capital intensive investment projects
– We provide funding or seed money as venture capitalists, angle investors and mentors to promising entrepreneurs and startup companies.
– We work with foreign entities looking to enter the Iranian markets particularly in the areas of agricultural, pharmaceuticals, cement, hospitality and financial markets

Our Main Focus

In addition to prudent investment of our shareholders assets and generating superior investment returns, we specialize in all phases of investment project development, from definition and evaluation to implementation and management.
Depending on the expertise and capabilities of our partners in each project we are capable of playing either the lead or the supportive role. We are particularly attracted to export oriented projects and E-commerce and advanced technology initiatives.

What We Stand For?

We see the keys to our success in our integrity, transparency, and commitment to our shareholders and commercial partners.
As an investment company we not only look to generate superior returns, but we also look to develop lasting commercial success through long-term partnerships and strategic alliances.